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Nowadays, the market requires high-performance solutions able to satisfy the increasing energy-saving requirements, compactness, reliability and system costs in home appliances and in low-/medium-power motor drive applications as well as in HVAC, servo motors and other high-power industrial drives.

To address these market needs, STMicroelectronics has developed the SLLIMM (Small Low-Loss Intelligent Molded Module) families of compact, high-efficiency, dual-in-line Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) with optional extra features. SLLIMM IPMs belong to our STPOWER family. They provide a high-integrated level that means simplified circuit design, reduced BOM, lower weight and high reliability. Available in different package options, both packages (fully molded and DBC) and leads (through-hole and SMD), the SLLIMM series can combine six power switches (IGBT, MOSFET and SJ-MOSFET) and drivers in an inverter configuration assuring the best compromise between conduction and switching energies with an outstanding robustness and EMI behavior. These features make the SLLIMM Intelligent Power Module family ideal for enhancing the efficiency of 3-phase inverters for any motor drives operating up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries and for an application power range from 10 W to 5 kW thanks to the introduction of the last SLLIMM HP (High Power) product subfamily.

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