650V M series - Low loss (2 to 20 kHz)

Designed for applications working between 2 and 20 kHz in hard-switching circuit topologies, the 650 V IGBT M series delivers the best trade-off between conduction and switch-off losses. IGBTs are belonging to the STPOWER family.

A minimum short-circuit withstand time of 6 µs at 150 °C starting junction temperature combined with a maximum operating junction temperature of 175 °C and a wide safe operating area (SOA) extend service lifetime and boost reliability in applications where high power dissipation is required.

With a current rating ranging from 4 to 200 A, the devices are available in a wide selection of packages that include a new generation of free-wheeling diodes optimized for fast recovery while maintaining a low forward drop and a high level of softness.

STPOWER IGBT main characteristics:

  • Low-loss IGBTs for applications up to 20 kHz
  • High robustness and reliability thanks to 650 V breakdown voltage, 6 µs minimum short-circuit rating (at 150 °C starting TJ) and extended maximum operating TJ of 175 °C
  • Thin IGBT die for increased thermal resistance
  • Positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient, with tight parameter distribution, for design simplification and easy paralleling
  • Optimized diode for fast recovery (high level of softness, low EMI and turn-on losses)

Our wide STPOWER product portfolio combined with state-of-the art packaging and protections for high reliability and safety helps designers find the right solutions for customized, high-efficiency applications that will last a long lifetime.

IGBT M series