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Trench gate field-stop IGBT, HB series 650 V, 60 A high speed

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Product overview


This device is an IGBT developed using an advanced proprietary trench gate field-stop structure. The device is part of the new HB series of IGBTs, which represents an optimum compromise between conduction and switching loss to maximize the efficiency of any frequency converter. A faster switching event can be achieved by the Kelvin pin, which separates power path from driving signal. Furthermore, the slightly positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient and very tight parameter distribution result in safer paralleling operation.

  • All features

    • Maximum junction temperature: TJ = 175 °C
    • Excellent switching performance thanks to the extra driving kelvin pin
    • Low VCE(sat) = 1.6 V (typ.) @ IC = 60 A
    • Minimized tail current
    • Tight parameter distribution
    • Safe paralleling
    • Low thermal resistance
    • Very fast soft recovery antiparallel diode

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STMicroelectronics - STGW60H65DFB-4

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