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Authentication solutions with STSAFETM secure elements

STSAFETM family of secure authentication ICs provides a range of Common Criteria-certified secure elements which reinforce application integrity and secret protection in embedded systems, including IoT devices, where brand protection and system security are key.  

  • STSAFE-TPM offers a TCG-certified solution, that provides platform integrity, secret storage, signature generation services particularly suitable for Windows- or Linux-based computing devices. 
  • STSAFE-A is an optimized secure element offering authentication and data protection services, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) session establishment, covering brand protection use cases, for connected and non-connected objects. 
  • STSAFE-J is a flexible, Java-based secure element that can either embed a default or application-specific ST applet, as it is the case for smart grids, or integrate a customer-built applet.

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