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Contact DDA JavaCard platform with up to 40 kbytes of user NVM

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Product overview


The STPay-BlueAmb-21 is a GlobalPlatform® 2.2.1 Java Card™ platform for payment applications.

With up to 40 Kbytes of user nonvolatile memory, the STPay-BlueAmb-21 can be configured to support Visa® VSDC, MasterCard® M/Chip® 4 and Discover® payment applications. It integrates a secure microcontroller that is based on an Arm® SecurCore® RISC core.

The STPay System-on-Chip (SoC) family is a packaged offering by ST, comprising a highly secure microcontroller, embedded application software, tools and support aimed at serving the needs of card embedders and personalization bureaus worldwide.

  • All features

      • Java Card™ platform
      • Up to 40 Kbytes of user nonvolatile memory
      • Certified payment applications: Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover®
      • Common Personalization Specification (CPS) personalization
    • Platform
      • Java Card™ 3.0.4 classic operating system
      • GlobalPlatform® 2.2.1 MG 1.0.1 API support
      • CPS-compliant
      • ISO/IEC 7816 T = 0 or T = 1 contact interface
    • Hardware
      • 32-bit Arm® SecurCore® SC000™ ST31 secure microcontroller
      • Up to 40 Kbytes of user NVM
    • Cryptography
      • NESCRYPT cryptographic RSA coprocessor
      • Enhanced DES accelerator (EDES)
    • Personalization
      • Enhanced personalization performance for very fast personalization
      • EMV® CPS v1.1 compliant
      • VSDC (Visa smart debit/credit) Personalization Specification v 2.0
      • M/Chip® 4 v1.1 Common Personalization Specification

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STMicroelectronics - STPay-BlueAmb-21

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