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Secure authentication companion device for consumables, accessories, and connected objects

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Product overview


The STSAFE-A120 is a secure element, providing authentication and secure data management services to a local or remote host. It also provides cryptographic services like hashing, encryption, and decryption. It consists of a full turnkey solution with a secure operating system running on the latest generation of secure microcontrollers.

The STSAFE-A120 can be integrated in consumables, accessories, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, smart-home, smart-city and industrial applications, and consumer electronics devices.

  • All features

      • Unique ID
      • Authentication for:
        • Consumables and accessories anticloning
        • Connected objects secure connection and preattachment to clouds (Azure, AWS, and others)
        • Wireless chargers Qi 1.3 and Qi 2.0
        • Matter devices
        • Digital power supplies OCP M-CRPS
      • Pairing and secure channel with host application processor
      • Configurable secure storage
      • Usage monitoring with secure counters
      • Secure connection establishment with remote host including transport layer security (TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3) handshake
      • Signature verification service (secure boot and firmware upgrade)
      • Secure storage in host nonvolatile memory based on wrapping and unwrapping of local host envelopes
      • Data hashing
      • Symmetric data encryption or decryption
      • On-chip key pair generation
    • Cryptography and security features
      • Advanced asymmetric cryptography
        • 5 Elliptic curve crytpography (ECC), nonvolatile private key slots + 1 ephemeral ECC key slot
        • Supported elliptic curves:
        • NIST P-256 P-384, P-521
        • Brainpool P-256 P-384, P-512
        • Edwards 25519
        • Curve25519
      • Supported functionalities:
        • Digital signature generation and verification (ECDSA and EdDSA)
        • Diffie-Hellman shared secret establishment (ECDH)
      • Advanced symmetric cryptography
        • 16 slots of symmetric cryptography with AES-128/256 CCM*, ECB, GCM, CMAC, and HKDF
      • Pairing with host-applicative processor
        • AES 128-bit or 256-bit
      • Local wrap/unwrap envelop key
        • 2 slots of keys with AES 128-bit or AES 256-bit
      • Data hashing
        • SHA-2 with SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
        • SHA-3 with SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512
      • Random number generator
        • Random number generator with NIST SP 800-90B compliant entropy source
      • Latest generation of highly secure MCUs
        • Unique serial number on each die
        • CC EAL5+ AVA_VAN.5, and ALC_DVS.2 Common Criteria certified
        • Active shield
        • Monitoring of environmental parameters
        • Protection mechanism against fault injection
        • Protection against side-channel attacks
    • Hardware characteristics
      • 16 Kbytes of configurable nonvolatile memory
        • 25 years of data retention at 25°C
        • 500 000 erase/write cycle endurance at 25°C
      • 2.7 V to 5.5 V continuous supply voltages
      • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
    • Communication protocol
      • I²C - bus slave interface
        • Up to 400 kbps transmission speed (Fast mode)
        • 7-bit addressing
    • Packages
      • ECOPACK-compliant SO8N 8-lead plastic small outline package and UFDFPN 8-lead ultrathin profile fine pitch dual flat package.

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Quality and Reliability

Part Number Marketing Status Package RoHS Compliance Grade Material Declaration**
UFDFPN 8 2x3x0.6 N/A



UFDFPN 8 2x3x0.6

Material Declaration**:

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UFDFPN 8 2x3x0.6

RoHS Compliance Grade


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STSAFE-120, turnkey security solution for connected devices