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STSPIN32F0601 is an integrated solution based on high-voltage gate driving technology suitable for three-phase BLDC motor drives.

This device embeds everything what is needed to build a complete driving stage, including:

  • ARM-Core® MCU
  • 3-phase gate drivers
  • Power stage protection and bootstrap diodes
  • Signal conditioning

The STSPIN32F0601 system-in-package (SIP) is an extremely integrated solution for driving three-phase applications supplied by 220Vac mains, helping designers to reduce PCB area and overall bill-of-material.


Key target applications:

  • Home and Industrial refrigerators compressors
  • Industrial drives, pumps, fans
  • Air conditioning compressors & fans
  • Corded power tools, garden tools
  • Home appliances

The integrated STM32 MCU allows performing FOC, 6-step sensorless, or sensored, and other advanced driving algorithms including the positioning and speed control loops.

ST offer includes a full ecosystem with software libraries, tools, GUI as well as high voltage power MOSFETs or IGBTs.

MCU for data computation is based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 core STM32F031:

  • Up to 48 MHz clock frequency
  • 4-Kbyte SRAM with HW parity
  • 32-Kbyte Flash memory with option bytes used for write/readout protection
  • UART, I2C and SPI communication

Three-phase gate driver provides:

  • High voltage rail up to 600 V
  • 200/350 mA source/sink current
  • Embedded bootstrap diodes
  • Outstanding below-ground robustness (down to more than -100V)
  • dV/dt transient immunity ±50 V/ns
  • Gate driving voltage range from 9V to 20V

Signal conditioning circuits:

  • Overcurrent comparator

ST offers the EVSPIN32F0601S1 and EVSPIN32F0601S3 evaluation boards, a complete 3-phase inverters based on STSPIN32F0601. They embed STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs in DPAK package, providing up to 6 A output current capability without additional heatsink.

EVSPIN32F0601S1 and EVSPIN32F0601S3 are compatible with the STM32 Motor Control Software Development Kit (MCSDK)

  • High density integration – significant BOM reduction
  • Very high flexibility thanks to embedded STM32 that can implement any motion control algorithm
  • Increased system Outstanding below-ground robustness (down to more than -100V)
  • Enhanced immunity to EMI
  • Variety of protection (UVLO, Interlocking and deadtime functions)
  • Standby mode for low power consumption
  • Easy to run


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Signal Conditioning & Protection


Power & Energy Management




The EVSPIN32F0601S1 or EVSPIN32F0601S3 boards are complete 3-phase inverters based on the STSPIN32F0601 motor controller, which embeds a 3-phase 600 V gate driver and a Cortex®-M0 STM32 MCU. The power stage features STGD6M65DF2 IGBTs but can be populated with any IGBT or Power MOSFET in DPAK or PowerFLAT™ 8x8 HV package.

The evaluation board is compatible with a wide range input voltage from 50 V to 280 V DC/AC and includes a power supply stage with the VIPER06XS in flyback configuration to generate +15 V and +3.3 V supply voltage required by the application.

The TSV91x operational amplifiers (op amps) offer low voltage operation and rail-to-rail input and output. Together with shunt resistors they create current sensing topology which allows implementation of both the field-oriented control (FOC) and sensored or sensorless 6-step control.

Debug and configuration of FW can be performed with standard STM32 tools through the detachable STLINK-debugger. SWD and UART TX-RX connectors are also available.

This Complete solution allows driving permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

The EVSPIN32F0601S1 or EVSPIN32F0601S3 boards are designed for evaluation purpose only. However, their gerber files can be used as reference design.

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