AI & ML Development Solutions

Artificial Neural Networks on General Purpose Microcontrollers

Artificial Intelligence @ ST

Thanks to ST’s new set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, you can now map and run pre-trained Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) using the broad STM32 microcontroller portfolio.

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Artificial Neural Networks on Automotive Microcontrollers

Artificial Intelligence @ ST

Thanks to ST’s SPC5Studio.AI component for our fully customizable SPC5Studio Eclipse development environment, you can now convert, analyze and deploy automotive neural network models on our SPC58 Chorus automotive microcontrollers.

Machine Learning on Sensors


Advanced sensors, such as the LSM6DSOX (IMU), contain a machine learning core, a Finite State Machine (FSM) and advanced digital functions to provide to the attached STM32 or application central system capability to transition from ultra-low power state to high performant high accuracy AI capabilities for battery operated IoT, gaming, wearable technology and consumer electronics.