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This exciting new kit, allows to connect the ST Discovery Kit IoT Node that is based on STM32L4, many ST sensors & RF to the AT&T LTE Cellular Cat-M or Cat-1 network.

It is featuring the cellular radio module from WNC that support LTE Cat-1 or Cat-M depending on the firmware flashed on the module.

It offers an end to end experience from sensor to cloud services that serve as a stepping stone for any new developments of product. The cloud solution is based on AT&T M2X solution that can interface other cloud offers including dashboard as propose in the included demonstrator.

That kit comes with a free evaluation period and a rebate on the Keil IDE.

The demonstrator does connect the 3 axis Accelerometer / Gyroscope / Magnometer and the Temperature / Humidity / Pressure sensors to a dashboard located on the web with a near real-time reaction time. The board can be connected to a battery that allows the solution to become mobile and tested in many real situations.

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