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Based on the EVAL-L99ASC03 evaluation board designed for sensorless 3-phase BLDC motor control, the system features enhanced power management power supply functions including various standby modes. The motherboard, based on an STM8 microcontroller, provides the logic section for monitoring and driving the L99ASC03G 3-phase motor pre-driver assembled in the daughterboard. 

L99ASC03G, a highly integrated 3-phase motor pre-driver embedding:

1.     Voltage regulator to supply and supervise electronic control units

2.     A proprietary back-EMF detection algorithm allowing a sensor-less BLDC motor drive implementation

3.     Programmable gain current sense amplifier

4.     Simplified control and diagnostic thanks to SPI interface

ST also provides dedicated user-friendly software with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that enables the user to set L99ASC03G parameters while displaying device information in real time.

Developers can easily evaluate their brushless DC motor control solution for a variety of circulation and booster pump applications for coolant, water, fuel or oil lines.

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