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Try the newly released MISRA C compliant NFC library (RFAL) with the right HW and SW environment for an easier integration of reliable NFC functionality into your automotive project

Now Available,  the automotive grade qualified ST25R3914/15 Reader ICs and STM8A MCU,
together with X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 expansion board and new STM8 NUCLEO-8S208RB board.

The STM8 board gives full access to all STM8 MCU I/Os through ST morpho headers, and are supported by major development toolchains (like IDEA the IDE from Cosmic that is free of charge for all STM8, the free graphical configuration tool for STM8 MCUs: STM8CubeMX, free of charge and certified LIN stack).

  • NFC for car access and ignition
    • Convenient and secure access to the car
    • Distribution of keys online to your NFC smartphone
  • In-car personalization with secure pairing
    • Just sit in and the entire cockpit will fit the driver wish
  • NFC for car diagnostic
    •  No physical connection required
  • Low power 8 bits microcontrollers (Vdd from 1.65V up to 3.6V)
    • Suitable for battery powered applications
  • Complete set of peripherals with STM8AL (A/D, DAC, DMA, AES 128 bytes etc…)
    • Reduced system cost



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