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ST offers a complete evaluation package for integrated low voltage motor drives allowing you to easily explore features and functions of the STSPIN820. To evaluate our solution, ST offers X-Nucleo boards for bipolar stepper motors (X-NUCLEO-IHM14A1), together with the NUCLEO-F030R8 board, combined with the X-CUBE-SPN14 expansion package for STM32Cube, giving you full control of your low voltage motor. 

Why choose STSPIN800 family to drive low voltage motors?

  • Operating voltage from 7 V to 45 V
  • Output current up to 1.5 Arms
  • Current sensing based on external shunt resistor
  • Microstepping up to 1/256th of step (STSPIN820)
  • Full protection set (short circuit, undervoltage lockout, thermal shutdown)
  • Standby low consumption down to 45 µA

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