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The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 is a ready-to-use servo brushless solution targeting robotics and industrial servo applications. It embeds a 100W rated high-end 3-phase BLDC motor and compact and optimized control electronics, everything at a competitive cost. 

This kit represents a viable option for designers to easily evaluate ST’s new devices in these applications. This kit will lower the entrance barriers for small/medium sized companies to enter into the growing field of low power servo drives and robotics fueled by Industry 4.0 mega-trend.

Thanks to the high integration level of the STSPIN32F0A, the control board provides a powerful power stage, the analog circuitry implements current sensing and overcurrent protection and a Cortex-M0 microcontroller performs a Field-Oriented Control with closed-loop positioning. All packed into a 40 mm x 40 mm footprint.

The maxon EC-i 40 motor, thanks to the optimized magnetic circuit, offers a very high torque density and very low cogging torque. In combination with the maxon ENX 16 EASY 1024 pulses incremental encoder, it is an excellent choice for reliable, robust and high-precision position and speed control.

  • STSPIN32F0A: 45V rated 3-phase gate driver with gate current capability of 600 mA (sink and source). It embeds a complete 

  • STM32F031 MCU and power management section aimed for delivering internal power supply to MCU and gate driver, starting from external Vbus power supply. 3 operational amplifiers for signal conditioning (current sensing across the shunt resistors), and a comparator with a programmable threshold to perform the overcurrent protection are also embedded. The STSPIN32F0A device also features overtemperature and undervoltage lockout protections and it can be put in the standby mode to reduce the power consumption. The device provides 16 general-purpose I/O ports (GPIO) with the 5 V tolerant capability, one 12-bit analog-to-digital converter with up to 9 channels performing conversions in a single shot or scan modes, 5 synchronizable general-purpose timers and supports an easy to use debugging serial interface (SWD). It is possible to download the firmware on-the-field through the serial interface thanks to the embedded bootloader.

  • STL7DN6LF3 This device is a dual N-channel Power MOSFET developed using STripFET™ F3 technology. It is designed to minimize on-resistance and gate charge to provide superior switching performance.

  • maxon EC-i40: High-end 100W 3-phase BLDC motor 1024 pulses incremental encoder. Because of their optimized magnetic core, the brushless EC-i motors with iron core windings offer a very high torque density and low cogging torque. The multi-pole internal rotor is extremely dynamic. Its solid design with a steel flange and housing make this motor suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • 36 V/6 Apeak power stage
  • STSPIN32F0A advanced 3-phase motor controller embedding Cortex-M0 MCU
  • STL7DN6LF3 60 V, 35 mΩ Dual N-channel MOSFETsHall sensors
  • Position control loop based on Field Oriented Control
  • MODBUS communication protocol through RS-485
  • Extremely compact footprint (40 mm x 40 mm)
  • maxon EC-i 40 100 W 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • maxon ENX 16 EASY 1024-pulse incremental encoder


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The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 is a plug-and-play kit consisting of the following components and IC devices:

  • 100 W 3-phase brushless DC motor from maxon (EC-i 40)

  • 1024-pulse incremental encoder from maxon (ENX 16 EASY)

  • STMicroelectronics compact programmable inverter:

  • Plug-and-play FW implementing FOC with accurate position capabilities

  • 36 V/6 Apeak power stage

  • STSPIN32F0A advanced 3-phase motor controller embedding Cortex-M0 MCU

  • STL7DN6LF3 60 V, 35 mΩ Dual N-channel MOSFETs

  • Hall sensors connectors

  • MODBUS communication protocol through RS-485

  • Extremely compact footprint (40 mm x 40 mm)

The positioning control FW is stored inside the Flash memory embedded in the STSPIN32F0A motor controller, mounted on the control inverter board. The board is able to read the positioning information fed back by maxon ENX 16 EASY 1024 pulses incremental encoder and to use it inside the control FW to achieve accurate positioning.

The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 board is compatible with the STM32 Motor Control Software Development Kit (MCSDK).

Getting Started

The EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 is a ready-to-use evaluation kit for servo brushless applications.

The following material is required to make the system operative:

  • A 36 V / 120 W DC power supply (*1)

  • An RS485 2-wire serial port

  • A communication software based on MODBUS protocol

*1. The operating range of the control electronics is between 12 V and 45 V. However, the system provides best performance with a supply voltage of 36 V ± 20 %.

It is also possible to customize the system operation modifying the source code. In this case the following tools are needed:

  • An IDE chosen among the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, Keil microcontroller development kit and STM32CubeIDE.

  • A SWD programmer/debugger supporting the STM32F0 family, like the STLINK-V3 from STMicroelectronics.

Start working with the EVALKIT-ROBOT-1 following the steps below:

  • Connect the motor to J10 (motor phases and Hall-effect sensors) and J4 (encoder).
  • Connect the DC power supply to J7 taking care of the polarity (negative connected to GND and positive connected to VM).
  • Connect the RS-485 communication line to J8 according to the indication on the bottom silkscreen.
  • If termination is needed, short A+ and TERM inputs with a wire (see Section 4.1 ).
  • Power-up the system.




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