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The STEVAL-STWINKT1 is an expandable core system board equipped with a range of embedded industrial-grade sensors (i.e. IIS3DWB – wide bandwidth vibrometer, ISM330DHCX accelerometer and gyroscope, …) and an ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontroller able to run DSP processing needed for vibration analysis. The solution includes also a very high frequency audio and ultrasound spectra analysis (MP23ABS1 analog output microphone), and high precision local temperature and environmental monitoring (HTS221 humidity and temperature sensor, STTS751 temperature sensor).

The STEVAL-STWINKT1 kit is complemented with a rich set of software packages (STSW-STWINKT01) and optimized firmware libraries, as well as a cloud dashboard application. All provided with SW examples to help to speed up design cycles for end-to-end solutions.

The STEVAL-STWINKT1 also supports BLE wireless connectivity through an on-board SPBTLE-1S bluetooth module, and Wi-Fi connectivity through a special plugin expansion board (STEVAL-STWINWFV1). The kit is also expandable with ready to use STEVAL-STWINMAV1 microphone array for directional audio sensing application. Wired connectivity is supported via an on-board RS485 transceiver STR485LV. The core system board includes an STMOD+ connector for compatible, low cost, small form factor daughter boards associated with the STM32 family, such as the LTE Cell pack.

Apart from the core system board, the STEVAL-STWINKT1 is provided with a 480 mAh Li-Po battery allowing straightforward in the field tests, an STLINK-V3MINI debugger for development and last also a plastic assembly box for easy mechanical mounting of the kit in the field.

Multi-sensing wireless platform implementing vibration monitoring and ultrasound detection


  • Wide range of industrial IoT sensors:
    • ultra-wide bandwidth MEMS vibrometer up to 5 kHz (IIS3DWB)
    • 3D accelerometer + 3D Gyro iNEMO inertial measurement unit (ISM330DHCX) with machine learning core
    • ultra-low-power high performance MEMS motion sensor (IIS2DH)
    • ultra-low-power 3-axis magnetometer (IIS2MDC)
    • digital absolute pressure sensor (LPS22HH)
    • relative humidity and temperature sensor (HTS221)
    • low-voltage digital local temperature sensor (STTS751)
    • industrial grade digital MEMS microphone (IMP34DT05)
    • wideband analog MEMS microphone (MP23ABS1)
  • Expandable via on-board connectors:
    • STMOD+ and 40-pin flex general purpose expansions
    • 12-pin male plug for connectivity expansions
    • 12-pin female plug for sensing expansions
  • Other kit components:
    • Wireless BLE4.2 (on-board) and Wi-Fi (with STEVAL-STWINWFV1 expansion board), and wired RS485 and USB OTG connectivity
    • Micro SD Card slot for standalone data logging applications
    • Option to implement Authentication and Brand protection secure solution with STSAFE-A100 (footprint)
    • Li-Po battery 480 mAh
    • STLINK-V3MINI debugger with programming cable
    • Plastic box
  • Software
    • Sensor data streaming example via USB terminal (VCP)
    • Analog and digital microphone signal acquisition and streaming via USB
    • framework (with Wi-Fi expansion board)
    • Sensor data streaming via BLE
    • High speed sensor data logger to SD Card
    • Microphone array audio acquisition example (with microphone expansion board)
    • Source code freely available from the ST website with developer-friendly license terms
    • Signal processing (MotionSP) middleware for vibration analysis in time domain (speed RMS and acceleration peak) and frequency domain (FFT with programmable size, averaging, overlapping and windowing)
    • PDM to PCM and sound pressure level (SPL) middleware for digital microphones (for NUCLEO-F446RE and STEVAL-BFA001V1B)
    • Acoustic FFT Analysis for NUCLEO-F446RE and STEVAL-BFA001V1B
    • Ultrasound FFT Analysis for STEVAL-STWINKT1
    • Configurable alarm and warning thresholds for key parameters
    • Data logging capability through mobile app or PC serial terminal

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