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The STWBC-EP transmitter and the STWLC33 receiver are ST’s first 15 W wireless charging solutions. Compatible with the Qi 1.2 Extended Power Profile protocol, they offer a complete set up for medical devices, smartphones, and tablets, among many others. The time when wireless charging was an optional feature in a niche market is over. It is something the public actively looks for because the technology is ubiquitous, meaning that omitting it is now the exception rather than the norm. However, adding wireless charging can be complicated and a mistake could ruin a product’s power efficiency, or even cause malfunctions. Hence, a complete solution made of theSTWBC-EP and the STWLC33 is a game changer because it brings all the glory of this sought-after technology and none of its headaches.

Transmitter side

Optimized for Extended Power Profile (EPP) Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.2 certified applications up to 15 W, the STWBC-EP digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters provides maximum flexibility as it enables half- or full-bridge topologies as well as single- and multiple-coil designs.

  • Qi MP-A10 15 W wireless charger transmitter evaluation kit (STEVAL-ISB044V1)
  • The associated STWBC-EP firmware (STSW-ISB044FW)
  • graphical user interface (STSW-STWBCGUI) to help debug and configuration
  • firmware downloader utility (STSW-STWBCFWDT) is also available.

Receiver side

The STWLC33 multi-mode wireless power receiver with transmitter function ensures the highest efficiency with the lowest part count and system cost. Compatible with Qi 1.2 or AirFuel inductive communication protocols, it can be switched to transmitter mode to provide power to another receiver.

  • dual-mode inductive wireless charger receiver with transmitter function evaluation board (STEVAL-ISB042V1)
  • graphical user interface (STSW-ISB042GUI)

The STWBC family of transmitter ICs performs all the functions for transmitter control, ensuring compliancy with the leading standards in the market and providing customers with a turnkey Qi-certified solution, for a fast go-to-market strategy, or with an environment to build personalized solutions. Efficient power transfer is enhanced by a smart standby state while waiting for a receiver, which guarantees a power consumption as low as 3 mW while maintaining the foreign object detection (FOD) function active for maximum safety.

The STWLC33 is an integrated wireless power receiver solution suitable for portable applications up to 15 W. The STWLC33 is able to operate with Qi 1.2 or AirFuel inductive communication protocol. It can be switched to transmitter mode to provide power to another receiver. Thanks to the integrated low impedance synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear regulator, the STWLC33 achieves high efficiency, low power dissipation. I2C interface allows many parameters to be customized in the device and this configuration can be stored in the embedded NVM.

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