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Adjustable digital DC-DC up to 100W

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Solution Description

Adjustable stepdown DC/DCWith up to 100W power capability, the solution enables in-car power supply for a wide number of USB pluggable devices such as baby milk warmer, mini refrigerator, Laptop PC and tablets, mini hair blower, mini electric stove, hot water bags,  hand warmer, … and many more!. By using simple primitives in the microcontroller, it is possible to set a required voltage and current level for the available buck channel. Moreover, if the system is complemented with a current sense device, the software is able to control the system in closed loop (otherwise only open current loop control is possible). The solution is implemented with a Microcontroller board plus a DC/DC Power board, featuring Programmable Power Source (PPS) capabilities.

AEK-MCU-C4MLIT1 + AEK-POW-100W4V1 for a single channel up to 100W.

The example software and drivers are in the STSW-AUTODEVKIT plugin for SPC5 Studio.

Target applications:

  • In-car mini appliances supply
  • In-car supply for Infotainment and Body Applications
  • USB Power Delivery version 2.0 and 3.0
  • ECU adjustable DC-DC supply
  • Rear seat USB supply and data in alternate mode

  • Key Product Benefits

    SPC58 high performance MCU

    The SPC58EC automotive grade 32-bit Power Architecture microcontroller with CAN ports, Flex port and Ethernet port among others. The microcontroller pins are multi-functions, i.e. through internal microcontroller register programming, it is possible to assign different functionalities to the same pin. The firmware inside the micro can be developed to implement the USB Power Delivery stack, dedicated to manage the power negotiation between the provider and the client.

    L5964 DC-DC buck converter

    The L5964 can deliver up to 5A output current and 20V output voltage (with proper input voltage). It is very low components, integrated and cost optimized solution to support in-car supply requirements. It delivers up to 100W power to the load and it is adjustable at 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 15V, 20V or in a continuous range with steps of 20mV.

  • All Features

    The single channel solution proposed can be supplied at 12V or 24V. With 24V it can deliver up to 100W, with fixed voltage (3.3V, 5V, 9V, 15V, 20V), tuneable with the voltage steps of 20mV. 

    The output current range is 0-5A, tuneable with current steps of 50mA. 

    The digital loop control for voltage, current and temperature is implemented through the SPC58EC automotive-grade microcontroller.