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ST offers a wide range of application-specific peripheral solutions for portable devices and mobile handsets. These solutions serve to support the move toward:

  • Enhanced user experiences
  • Connectivity everywhere
  • Multimedia
  • Secure transactions
  • Enhanced services
  • Enhanced audio performance
  • Advanced navigation 
  • Standardized technology interfaces

ST has proven products for the cellular handset and mobile device markets and ships billions of products to the mobile industry every year. These products include:

  • MEMS accelerometers
  • MEMS e-compasses
  • MEMS gyroscopes
  • MEMS pressure sensors
  • MEMS microphones
  • iNEMO inertial modules
  • Near Field Communication and Secure elements
  • DC-DC converters for AMOLED dispays
  • Integratred Passive devices ffor RF front-ends
  • Camera modules
  • Camera CMOS sensors
  • Image processors
  • Protection and filtering devices
  • Touch-sensing controllers
  • Power management
  • Audio drivers
  • Interface and interconnect devices

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