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Digital Input modules manage a number of inputs used to collect data from a range of sensors including proximity, pressure, temperature and push buttons. These modules can either be added to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control cabinet or distributed on the factory floor. This solution allows quick evaluation and prototyping of ST’s newest integrated technology for digital inputs for Factory Automation applications.

  •  Based on the CLT03-2Q3 – Dual integrated digital input IC for Safe Automation
    • 2 galvanic isolated channels integrated
    • No power supply needed
    • High EMC robustness (glitch filter, 60V-tolerant function)
    • Flexible sensor connection options (High side/Low side compatible)
    • Integrated safety features (test pulse generation)
    • Small form factor package (QFN 2x4)
  •  Compliance with industrial standards
    • IEC 61 131-2, IEC 61508, EIC 61000-4-2/4

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