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ST's comprehensive Automotive Discovery Ecosystem lets you quickly find the best solution for your automotive applications.

Our Automotive Trunk Control solution includes the SPC5-EV-ADIS adapter that you can combine with the SPC560B-DIS Discovery board along with VIPower "easy boards" addressing several motor drivers for automotive applications such as Trunk Lock, Power Lift gate, relay replacement, and more 

A wide range of EV-VNH7xxx easy boards from 8 to 100 mΩ are available. Below is a complete list of boards to ensure the best fit for your application.

ST, leading supplier of IC solutions for Smart Driving and IoT, provides a dedicated offering to drive and control the most modern motorized arms and latches, not only in cars, but also in everyday applications:

Smart Driving

  • Power trunk lifts
  • Power lift gates
  • Door locks
  • Cinch/ Latch systems


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