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The AEKD-USBTYPEC1 power delivery evaluation kit is composed of:
      - SPC58EC-DISP Microcontroller discovery board
      - AEK-USB-2TYPEC1 dual port USB Type-C interface board with a pair of STUSB1702Y automotive grade USB Type-C controllers
      - STSW-USB2TYPEC1 firmware (MCU flash image).

The kit is very flexible, scalable, customizable and automotive grade compliant. Through the Microcontroller Discovery board, you can expand your application by connecting additional boards.

The SPC58EC-DISP discovery board hosts SPC58 ASIL-B automotive grade 32-bit Power Architecture microcontroller with, CAN ports, Flex port and Ethernet port among others. The microcontroller pins are multi-functions, i.e. through internal microcontroller register programming, it is possible to assign different functionalities to the same pin. The capability of SPC5 to configure its pins and the intuitive graphical interface of SPC5 Studio development environment are key elements for fast-prototyping and customizable application design.

The functional interface board, AEK-USB-2TYPEC1, hosts a pair of STUSB1702Y, automotive grade USB Type-C controller with TX/RX line driver and BMC, one for each USB Type-C port. The board contains devices for ESD protection, dual Transil™ array ESDA25LY and very low capacitance USBLC6-2SC6Y. The ports status are monitored on the board through some LEDs. One of this LED (the green one on each port) will turn-on once the power profile negotiation is successfully reached between provider and consumer.

The firmware STSW-USB2TYPEC1 is pre-loaded on the SPC58EC-DISP discovery board and it is available for download from ST.COM after registration.

In addition to the STSW-USB2TYPEC1 firmware, the following software is available:
      - A driver dedicated to the STUSB1702Y device
      - An SPC5 Studio plugin for the USB Power Delivery software stack
      - A demo application
The software can be configured via SPC5 Studio.


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