Avionics and Defense Products

ST has decided to build on its long experience of supplying both high-volume, high-quality automotive qualified devices as well as high-reliabilty ESCC, JANS and QML space qualified devices by proposing a wide range of RobuST products suitable for the avionics and defense markets.  They include microcircuits, power semiconductors and specialty products.

RobuST products products provide:
• dedicated traceability and part marking
• production parts approval documents available
• adapted extended life time and obsolescence management
• extended product change notification (PCN) process
• designed and manufactured to meet sub ppm quality goals
• advanced mold and frame designs for superior resilience to harsh environment (acceleration, EMI, thermal, humidity)
• RobuST products are offered as standard as RobuST level C, extended screening to level A or B may be available on request