Rad-Hard Bipolar Transistors

Designed to meet high-reliability requirements in Space applications

ST's hi-rel and rad-hard bipolar transistors cover collector-emitter voltages up to 300 V and collector currents up to 5 A with linear hFE and low variation after radiation testing.

Both NPN and PNP devices are available in hermetic packages including surface-mount LCC-3, UB, SMD.5 and power through-hole TO-257AA. Dual NPN and PNP complementary pairs are also available in single LCC-6 and Flat-8 packages.

ST's high-reliability and radiation-hardened products are ESCC qualified and available in rad-hard versions with a Total Ionizing Dose (TID) radiation level up to 100 krad. Many devices are also available in a JANS version compliant to DLA standards.

ST is committed to further enlarge the product range targeting high efficient power conversion, electric propulsion and TWT cathode bias applications.