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Our H series of high-temperature triacs with a simple, low-current gate drive offer the high switching rates and sparkless features of semiconductors, a significant advantage over traditional relay devices. The simple phase angle firing of the gate allows simple dimming for lighting and variable speeds for universal motors.

Specified with a maximum junction temperature of 150°C, they are particularly suited to hot environments and to PCB designs requiring high power density. Featuring a maximum current of 50 A with standard or logic-level gate sensitivity, ST offers two different series; 600 V 6H triacs and 800 V 8H triacs. Both are available in D²PAK, I²PAK or TO-220(I) packages.

A must for unknown environments (SSR function) and AC motor loads, our 600 V 6H triacs excel in controlling transient currents at up to 4 times the main rated current.

Optimized for Industrial, Building and Residential appliances and based on ST’s new clip technology, our 800 V 8H triacs are able to work at 150°C without compromise. Able to reduce the heatsink size by up to 50%, these triacs are the right choice to run in very hot, confined environments.
They help the designer to reduce the heatsink size by 50% in their application, and particularly the newly introduced T1635H-8, T2035H-8 and T3035H-8.

To help improve the reliability and ruggedness of your system, our 600 V and 800 V triacs offer the following features:

  • A durably low leakage @ 150°C which keeps standby losses at the lowest
  • The dV/dt immunity (2000V/µs@150°C) is sufficient for industrial apps
  • The IEC 61000-4-5 level in excess of 6kV also brings a high security margin in commutation immunity in case of heavy EMI environments
  • Specifically designed low voltage drop keeps conduction losses down
  • Combination of low switching losses and immunity performance @ temperature lead to much smaller heatsinking needs.

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