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Standard Triacs are all-pupose AC mains switches with simple and low-current gate drive. They provide the sparkless and non-ageing features of semiconductors that are ideally suited to mains voltage appliances of all sorts. The simple phase angle delayed firing of the gate allows simple dimming for lighting and variable speeds for universal motors.

Snubberless™ Triacs are particularly suited to 3-quadrant and inductive load designs with enhanced switch-off capability. The devices feature a reverse voltage up to 800 V and a maximum current up to 40 A. ST’s package range offers a full through-hole and SMD porfolio: TO-92, SOT-223, DPAK, IPAK, TO-202-3, D²PAK, I²PAK, ISOWATT-220, TO-220(I), RD-91, TOP-3.

The T-series Snubberless Triacs provides enhanced commutation for a given current rating. Immunity is also improved up to 5 times for a given current rating.

Now available in a high-creepage insulated TO-3PF package, our 40 A Triac (T4050-6PF) is optimized for damp environments.

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