Bluetooth Low Energy application processors

Bluetooth® Low Energy: a must-have in today’s connected products

BLE technology

If you need to add Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity to your product, this is where we come in. ST’s portfolio of single-chip solutions is the most comprehensive in the market, with best-in-class hardware resources, ecosystem, and power optimization. Our products can efficiently enable any application from beaconing to multiprotocol communication required for Matter devices, or localization and audio based on Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.

ST Bluetooth® Low Energy microcontrollers range from the STM32WB0x series of MCUs, tailored for entry-level and cost-sensitive applications, to the STM32WB and STM32WBA series, offering the best level of performance and applicative flexibility.

Being part of the market-leading ST family of MCUs, our Bluetooth® Low Energy products all come with ST’s state-of-the-art MCU ecosystem and renowned free technical support to accompany you during your design process.

Find the best match for your Bluetooth® Low Energy product below!

Find the best match for your BLE product


Featuring Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity, our extensive portfolio of Bluetooth® Low Energy application processors includes optimized network and application processors, as well as an all-in-one solution that combines both in a single product. Multiple types of packages are available, ranging from QFN32 to WLCSP100, to fit any footprint or features set requirements.

The optimized and ultra-low power radio front-end, combined with an excellent RF link and efficient power management architecture, will extend battery life from months to years. This makes ST’s solutions ideal for applications including lighting, smart homes, beacons, fitness trackers, insulin pumps, hearing aids, or any energy-sensitive application.

Wireless products postionning

Bluetooth® Low Energy only with wireless MCUs

Our most affordable wireless MCUs, the STM32WB0x and BlueNRG, are designed for efficient and quality Bluetooth® Low Energy integration in cost-sensitive applications. With +8dBm output power and support for Bluetooth® Low Energy v5.4 features like long-range mode, 2 Mbps transfers, and advanced connectivity options, they offer the right balance between affordability and performance.

The STM32WB5x series, powered by Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex®-M0+ cores, are comprehensive Bluetooth® Low Energy v5.4 SoCs with a 2 Mbps data rate and extensive peripheral integration. They provide a robust, standalone solution for a variety of applications.

For enhanced security, the STM32WBA5x line features the Arm® Cortex®-M33 core with TrustZone® technology, ensuring data protection and resistance to hacking. This series excels in Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.4 applications, offering advanced features, multiprotocol support, and audio capabilities with isochronous channels.

Multi-protocol wireless MCUs

Dual-core and single-core multiprotocol wireless microcontrollers support Bluetooth® Low Energy v5.4, Zigbee®, Thread®, Matter®, and proprietary connectivity technologies.

Multiprotocol capability benefits from exclusive/static connectivity use over time, allowing time-sharing between different technologies depending on the final application requirements.

The STM32WB55 series and the STM32WBA5x are suitable for applications that require support for multiple protocols.

Bluetooth® Low Energy modules

Equipped with an on-board antenna, crystal oscillator and all necessary passives, ST’s Bluetooth® Low Energy modules offer a proven, robust solution that ensures a quick time-to-market. They come with the certified Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) solution, as well as major regional EMC regulations like CE, FCCID, thus ensuring rapid integration into the final application and providing an easy-to-use solution.

Our Bluetooth® Low Energy ICs and modules are supported by an extensive set of evaluation boards, software development kits, application notes and design guidelines – thus facilitating the adoption of Bluetooth wireless connectivity technology into a wide variety of applications.


By integrating Bluetooth® Low Energy with STM32 microcontrollers, you can create sophisticated, secure, and power-efficient wireless solutions that are well-suited for a wide range of modern applications. Bluetooth® Low Energy's low energy consumption, combined with the high performance of STM32, makes this pairing particularly attractive for developers looking to create cutting-edge wireless products.

Low Power Consumption

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy is specifically designed for low power applications, which complements the energy-efficient features of STM32 microcontrollers, allowing for the development of devices that can operate for months or even years on a small battery.



  • Bluetooth® Low Energy is a globally recognized standard supported by many devices, ensuring that STM32-based products can communicate with a vast ecosystem of BLE-compatible devices.


Enhanced Security

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy incorporates features like AES-128 encryption, message integrity checks, and secure pairing processes, which STM32 devices can leverage to ensure secure data communication.


High Performance and Reliability

  • STM32 microcontrollers offer high computational power and reliability, which is crucial for applications where consistent and dependable wireless communication is a must.


Rich Ecosystem

  • There is a robust ecosystem surrounding STM32 products, including extensive documentation, developer forums, code examples, and a supportive developer community.


STM32 Bluetooth Low Energy

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