Built around an 802.11 single-chip transceiver with integrated RF power amplifier (PA) and a powerful STM32 32-bit microcontroller with extensive GPIO support, our Wi-Fi modules have on-board clocks generation and voltage regulators and can be chosen with either an integrated antenna (-A suffix) or u.Fl connector (-C suffix) for expanded RF coverage.

They come with a complete TCP/IP stack and a user-friendly application layer that ensures a simple and effective way to use the modules via AT commands. The latest models (available on STWF04S) also support the MicroPython compiler and runtime implementation of the Python 3 programming language optimized to run in resource-constrained environments. Our specific implementation, providing TFTP, HTTP, MQTT, SMTP, and WebSocket classes, makes it even easier to write highly optimized code.

Our Wi-Fi modules are FCC (US), CE (EU) and IC (Industry Canada) certified, thus providing a fast, flexible and affordable Plug & Play solution for adding of 802.11 b/g/n and TCP/IP connectivity to IoT designs.

With reduced power consumption and small form factor, the modules are ideal for both fixed and mobile wireless applications where a complete from-scratch Wi-Fi connectivity design is not an option due to technical (lack of specific RF engineering know-how at hand), time-to-market (avoids lengthy certification processes) or total-cost-of-ownership (it helps drastically cut development costs) considerations.

To further ease development with our Wi-Fi modules, dedicated X-Nucleo expansion boards and expansion software libraries, with implementation examples, are available to give access to all the capabilities of our STM32 Open Development Environment.

All our modules are RoHS compliant.

Cloud-compatible certified Wi-Fi module accelerates your IoT and M2M development

The SPWF04 is a small size, power-efficient FCC (US), CE (EU) and IC (Industry Canada) certified Wi-Fi module, enabling standalone or serial-to-Wi-Fi operation modes leveraging its ARM® Cortex®-M4 STM32 microcontroller. It supports advanced Internet-security features - including WPA2-Enterprise - and comes with a full-featured TCP/IP protocol stack with WebSocket support. The SPWF04 is available in two options: the SPWF04SA with a highly efficient built-in ISM-band antenna and the SPWF04SC with a U.FL connector for adding an external antenna and its ideal for: 

  • Machine-to-machine communication
  • Industrial control and data acquisition
  • Home automation and security systems
  • Wireless sensors networks
  • Connected appliances
  • Cable replacement
  • Medical equipment