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Transient voltage suppressor smart selection tool

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The SEL-PROT-TVS transient voltage suppressor smart selection tool helps designers select the right TVS for their application with just a few clicks. Only two application parameters are necessary for device selection. The first parameter is the type of protection required, such as automotive, power line, analog or digital line. The second is the signal standard, e.g. CAN, USB, SD-Card, 10/1000 μs or custom.

In addition, a restriction can be raised at protection level (ESD, power, peak current) and/or at package level. For digital and analog interfaces, ESD-SIM can be used for ESD system protection behavior (IC + ST ESD protection) co-simulation using transmission line pulse simulation. ESD-SIM also allows users to run signal integrity simulations with the eye diagram, time domain reflectometry and S-parameters without simulation setup constraints, since all information is preset in ESD-SIM and synchronized with the TVS smart selector.

  • 特徴

    • Just two criteria required to select the optimal TVS for your application
    • Parametric TVS comparison
    • Order samples on-line directly from TVS smart selector interface
    • Direct link to ESD-SIM, ST’s ESD and signal integrity simulator (free, on-line)
    • Benefits:
      • Select a TVS with only two mouse clicks
      • Parametric selection available to fine-tune TVS choice
      • Seamless signal integrity simulation setup in ESD-SIM for digital and analog standards