Design Win

Smart Selector for VIPower products




Select the right VIPower device for your application in just few clicks.A new smart selector for low/high-side switches and h-bridges is available on The identification of a device list perfectly matching your requirements has never been that easy and fast.It is enough to select just a few parameters related to the specific application, like nominal voltage (12 V for automotive cars or 24 V for trucks), topology (high-side, low-side or h-bridge), number of channels and type of loads (bulbs, motors, etc.) you need to drive. The selection can be furthermore restricted by setting source type (DC or PWM), temperature of the environment and PCB type.

In order to see detailed thermal information or simply to test specific corner conditions, you can use TwisterSIM thermal/electrical simulator, it’s available on-line and free at

TwisterSIM supports a large selection of low/ high-side driver/switches and h-bridges.

  • 特徴

    • Device selection fine-tuning with PCB layout specification
    • Supply voltage and Input Signal source selection
    • Load type selection
    • Wire harness selection
    • Ambient temperature selection