TVS smart selector

ツール & ソフトウェア

ST provides a set of Smart Selectors tuned to the needs of several industries. We invite you to take advantage of ST’s domain specific knowledge in the realms of ESD and EOS protection within the automotive, industrial and personal electronics environments to make the best choice of devices your design requires. 

The SEL-PROT-TVS transient voltage suppressor smart selection tool helps designers select the right TVS for their application with just a few clicks. Only two application parameters are necessary for device selection. 

The first parameter is the type of protection required, such as automotive, power line, analog or digital line. 

The second is the signal standard, e.g. CAN, USB, SD-Card, 10/1000 μs or custom. 

In addition, a restriction can be raised at protection level (ESD, power, peak current) and/or at package level.