Segger J-Link debug probe for STM32

With unparalleled performance, extensive feature set, large number of supported MCUs, and compatibility with all popular development environments, the J-Link (SEG-JLINK) debug probes optimize user debugging and flash programming experience.

The on-board ST-LINK included in the STM32 Discovery and Nucleo board kits may be upgraded free of charge with a specific version of the J-Link firmware available on the Segger website will not provide any support for this modification, and it is not responsible for any difficulty this may cause.

Key Features

  • Up to 3-Mbyte/s download speed to RAM
  • Supports an unlimited number of software breakpoints in internal and external Flash memory
  • Supports multiple target interfaces (JTAG, SWD)
  • Intelligence in the emulator firmware
  • Compatible with all popular toolchains
  • Support for multi-core debugging
  • Cross platform support (Microsoft® Windows® , Linux, OS X® )
  • Supports concurrent access to CPU by multiple applications
  • Remote Server included, allows using J-Link remotely via TCP/IP
  • No charge for software updates
  • Software comes with free GDB Server, allowing usage of J-Link with all GDB-based debug solutions
  • Production flash programming software(J-Flash) available
  • Debugger independent flash download
  • Can be connected to the host PC via USB or Ethernet (J-Link PRO)
  • No power supply required, powered through USB
  • Wide target voltage range: 1.2V - 3.3V, 5V tolerant
  • All JTAG signals can be monitored, target voltage can be measured
  • Target power supply: J-Link can supply up to 300 mA to target with overload protection
  • An SDK allows customized use of J-Link
  • Various target adapters and optical isolation adapters available




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