Safety and Security Functions

The Safety and Security Functions Packs include a broad range of examples and building blocks required both in applications dedicated to safety and security like identification and access control solutions, monitor and alarm systems, but also to other wide sets of applications such as:

    - Secure and trusted connections in data communication protocols, e.g. Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi

    - Headless devices connectivity with storage of access credentials and/or secure pair

    - Secure pairing for wireless devices, e.g. Bluetooth® pairing with NFC based data exchange

    - Secure storing of credentials and identification information, e.g. passwords and fingerprints

    - Payment devices

    - Information source trust enhancement, e.g. certificates and public key cryptography

Application examples provide insights on how to provide security. In some cases, they leverage on existing standards to provide interoperability with other vendors’ devices.

Smartphone/tablet apps may also be present in the Function Packs to provide developers with user-friendly testing tools.