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Safety engine software library intended as a safety element out of context (SEooC)

ソフトウェア入手 データブリーフのダウンロード



ST offers a solution suitable to be adopted in automotive ASIL B applications, based on two identical ASM330LHBxx inertial measurement units (IMUs) as well as the ASILB-LIBRARY software library.

The ASILB-LIBRARY interfaces a sensing module, composed of two IMUs, with a host processor. Interfacing the module entails configuration of the sensing module, check of the sensing module before starting to acquire data, and acquisition of the data coming from the sensing module. Each of these steps is associated to an error code, warning the user of improper function of the module.

The reason for having a module composed of two identical sensors is to implement redundancy mechanisms, checking that the data coming from two different sensing sources are consistent.

The library is platform independent and can be customized according to the user's target microcontroller. ST compiles the libraries based on design requirements obtained from an online registration form, returning the ASM330LHBxx ASIL B library, unit and integration testing library, along with embedded software testing guidelines as well as integration manuals and release notes of the libraries to the user.

  • 特徴

    • Developed according to ISO26262 for systems with safety targets up to ASIL B
    • Compliant with MISRA C guidelines
    • Robust software safety mechanisms
    • Platform independent
    • Low memory footprint
    • Easy integration