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STUSB1602 software library for STM32G474

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The STSW-STUB014 is an STUSB1602 software library to be used in association with MB1303 nucleo shield (available from P-NUCLEO-USB002 evaluation board) and NUCLEO-G474RE boards.

The library includes ready-to-use software frameworks for fast prototyping of most common applications scenario such as single port basic source, sink or DRP but also more complex use cases including optional features of PD3.0 such as: status, alert or extended messages, cable messages, billboard classes etc..

  • 特徴

    • Application examples including full software frameworks and associated vendor info file (.VIF):
      • Source, sink and dual role port
      • Source, sink and dual role port with support of vendor define message and other PD3.0 optional messages
      • Dual role port sourcing device