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電源マネジメント用ICの主要メーカーであるSTは、より高い効率、より高い電力密度、より低いスタンバイ電力を達成するための革新技術に対する要求に応えるターンキー・ソリューションを提供しています。 これには、電力用ディスクリート・コンポーネントやアナログIC、デジタル・プロセッサなどがあります。 以下の評価ボードの中から、お客様の設計ニーズに最も適したものをお選びください。

Find the best design solution thanks to high-performances Quad-LDO evaluation board

The STEVAL-LDO001V1 allows smart evaluation of four ST's high-performance low-dropout linear voltage regulators specially designed for extend battery life in portable smart devices. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, designs and innovative packaging, designers can select the best solution in terms of ultra-low quiescent current, ultra-low noise and high PSRR, automatic green mode and miniature packages such as Flip-Chip or ST STAMP™.

Discover USB Type-C and PD controller evaluation boards

The STEVAL-ISC004V1 is a STUSB4710 evaluation board embedding a 20V capable DC/DC. The board is ready-to-use, acting as a USB PD provider pre-configured with 5 PDOs. The STEVAL-CCC002V1 is an USB Type-C controller evaluation board based on STUSB1600A. It can be used as a source, sink or dual power role and supports dead battery start-up.

Two new quasi-resonant fly-back SMPS designs

The  STEVAL-ISA171V1 (12 V /15 W, based on the ViPer35HD) and the  STEVAL-ISA162V1 (12 V / 10 W, based on the ViPer25HD) evaluation boards, implement a wide-range AC input voltage, isolated fly-back SMPS (switched mode power supply) operated in quasi-resonant mode to deliver high efficiency (>82% in active mode). They also feature low consumption under no-load conditions thanks to burst mode operation that reduces the average switching frequency and minimizes all frequency-related losses.
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