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MEMS加速度センサは、自由落下、ウェイクアップ、シングル / ダブル・タップ認識、活動 / 不活動検知、6方向 / 4方向判定などを含むモーションおよび加速度検知機能を内蔵しています。



  • モーション検出
  • スマート省電力
  • ジェスチャ認識 & ゲーム
  • ディスプレイ方向検出
  • 振動の監視と補償
  • 衝撃の認識と記録
  • 傾斜 / 勾配の測定
  • ロボティクス
  • 傾斜 / 方向の検出
  • 衝撃の認識と記録
  • 振動の監視と補正






  • 汎用センサ
  • 特定アプリケーション向けセンサ
  • 機械学習コア内蔵のセンサ




  • 超低消費電力アプリケーション向けの高度な省電力機能
  • 専用OIS SPI_AUXインタフェース
  • 機械学習コア内臓
  • カスタム・ジェスチャ認識用のプログラム可能なステート・マシン
  • 先進的な歩数計 / ステップ検出 / ステップ・カウンタ
  • 低消費電力モード、自動ウェイクアップ機能、FIFOバッファ
  • 14および12ピン出力の2mm x 2mm x 1mmパッケージで提供

ST’s IIS2ICLX inclinometer wins the CES 2021 Honoree Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category

The high-accuracy IIS2ICLX two-axis digital accelerometer is ideal for structural health monitoring and inclination measurements, combining high stability and repeatability, low noise, and ultra-low-power with support for Artificial Intelligence at the edge. It is included in ST’s 10-year longevity program.

The IIS2ICLX features:

  • 2-axis digital plug-and-play inclinometer
  • the highest performance in terms of resolution, accuracy, stability, and power consumption
  • Ultra-low noise (15 µg/√Hz)
  • A programmable Machine Learning core to integrate AI algorithms and reduce power consumption at system level
    • The unparalleled set of features, such as the Machine Learning Core (MLC), programmable Finite State Machines (FSM), FIFO, sensor hub capabilities, and event decoding and interrupts, provide fundamental support for low power intelligent sensor nodes to reduce data transfer rates and volumes to the cloud.

      Thanks to its decision-tree algorithms, the IIS2ICLX significantly increases the autonomy of battery-operated applications by allowing nodes to remain in very low power standby until the sensor autonomously detects and classifies movement, vibration or variation in inclination.

New IIS3DWB sensing solution for wide scale adoption of vibration monitoring in Industry 4.0 applications

Optimized for high performance industrial vibration sensing, the 3-axis IIS3DWB MEMS accelerometer with an ultra-wide bandwidth and low-noise is a power-efficient and affordable digital sensing solution included in ST’s 10-year longevity program.

The IIS3DWB sensor is a key enabler of industrial vibration monitoring:

  • it offers a 3-axis digital plug-and-play solution for a seamless and cost-effective adoption
  • its wide and flat frequency response up to 6kHz and low noise ensure high-quality vibration data is collected
  • the sensor low-power and extended temperature range up to +105°C is ideal for long-lasting, self-powered wireless sensor nodes and allows them to be retrofitted into existing systems

The STWIN SensorTile development kit (STEVAL-STWINKT1B) takes the prototyping of vibration monitoring solutions to the next level. It integrates the IIS3DWB sensor with numerous additional sensors and an ultra-low-power STM32L4+ MCU, and offers wired and wireless connectivity. Software libraries for vibration processing are also available, including a high-speed data logger for data scientists to develop algorithms.