ST’s SLLIMM™ family of small low-loss intelligent molded modules enhances the efficiency of home appliance motor drives working up to 20 kHz in hard-switching circuitries and of applications with a power range up to 3 kW.
ST’s intelligent power modules (IPMs) provide a direct connection between a low-voltage microcontroller and a mains-powered electric motor. They greatly reduce costs by simplifying design and significantly reducing component count while saving space, improving reliability and lowering EMI.
Available in different package options (fully molded and DBC) , lead options (through-hole and SMD), discrete technologies (IGBT and MOSFET), current ratings and driving options, they feature the best compromise between conduction and switching losses for high efficiency, along with outstanding robustness and EMI behavior.  

Intelligent Power Modules

Save space in efficient energy motor drives with SLLIMM™-nano SMD intelligent power modules

Developers can now benefit from surface-mounted devices (SMD) with the introduction of SLLIMM™-nano intelligent power modules in a 26-lead NSDIP package. This compact and thermally efficient package enhances reliability and saves PCB space with heatsink-free designs while the increased creepage and clearance ensure safety isolation.

Available as 500V MOSFET or 600V IGBT devices, they offer current capability up to 3 A, an optimized voltage drop in conduction and low electromagnetic interference.
They are the right choice for roller shutters, small fans, small compressors and other low-power applications (up to 100 W).

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