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Based on the advanced proprietary trench field-stop (TFS) structure, ST’s 600 V IGBT V series features extremely low switching-off energy (Eoff) combined with low conduction losses for increased efficiency in high switching frequency applications such as welding machines, solar inverters, induction heaters, UPS, PFC and SMPS.

Turn-on energy losses are also minimized thanks to a co-packaged ultra-fast recovery freewheeling diode. Tight control over parameters combined with a positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient enables safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs for higher power requirements and design simplification.

Rated from 20 to 80 A, the 600 V IGBT V series devices are also extremely robust thanks to a maximum operating temperature of 175 ˚C and high dV/dt capability. Diode-free variants are also available for more cost-sensitive applications.

Main characteristics:

  • Very-high-speed IGBT series (50 to 100 kHz)
  • High robustness and reliability thanks to an extended max operating TJ of 175 °C and 600 V breakdown voltage
  • Industry’s lowest Eoff for increased efficiency
  • Positive temperature coefficient for safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs
  • Several package options for different application needs