ST31 Contact Secure Microcontroller

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Designed for secure ID and banking applications, the SC31ZD16 is a serial access microcontroller that incorporates the most recent generation of ARM processors for embedded secure systems. Its SecurCore® SC000™ 32-bit RISC core is built on the Cortex™ M0 core with additional security features to help to protect against advanced forms of attacks. Cadenced at 28 MHz, the SC000™ core brings great performance and excellent code density thanks to the Thumb®-2 instruction set.
The SC31ZD16 also offers a serial communication interface fully compatible with the ISO/IEC 7816-3 standard (T=0, T=1).
Two 16-bit general-purpose timers are available; one is configurable as a watchdog.
The SC31ZD16 features hardware accelerators for advanced cryptographic functions. The AES accelerator provides a high-performance implementation of AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 algorithms. The 3-key Triple DES accelerator (EDES+) peripheral enables Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode, fast DES and triple DES computation based on three key registers and one data register, while the NESCRYPT crypto-processor efficiently supports the public key algorithm with native operations up to 4096 bits long.
The SC31Z family operates in the –25 to +85°C temperature range, at 1.8V, 3V and 5V supply voltage ranges in Contact mode. A comprehensive range of power-saving modes enables the design of efficient low-power applications.
  • 特徴

    • Hardware features
      • ARM® SecurCore® SC000™ 32-bit RISC core
      • 320 Kbytes of User ROM
      • 8 Kbytes of User RAM
      • 16 Kbytes of User EEPROM
      • CPU clock frequency up to 28 MHz
      • Power-saving Standby state
      • Contact assignment compatible with ISO/IEC 7816-3 standards
      • Asynchronous receiver transmitter (IART) for high speed serial data support (ISO/IEC 7816-3 T=0/T=1 and EMV compliant)
      • ESD protection greater than 5 kV (HBM)
    • Security features
      • Three-key Triple DES accelerator
      • AES accelerator
      • NESCRYPT coprocessor for public key cryptography algorithm
      • Protection against multiple attacks

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