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IoT Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening the potential for billions of connected smart devices to communicate with each other using the nearly ubiquitous Internet Protocol technology. The IoT enables almost any system to leverage the Internet and the eco-system of Cloud Computing in order to innovate and make a diverse range of objects smarter and more aware. The growth in the number of internet-connected devices is driven by the broad availability of high quality, reliable wireless connectivity, as well as low cost low power embedded components.

While IoT devices come in many different form factors, they all require common functional building blocks such as processing and security, sensing and actuating, connectivity, signal conditioning, protection, power and energy management.

ST supports IoT developers with a broad portfolio of semiconductor building blocks as well as an ecosystem of modular hardware and software building blocks that enables rapid the development and prototyping of an ever-expanding range of innovative IoT devices and applications.

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