New high temperature (150°C), very high accuracy op amp for Automotive applications

Offering a very low offset voltage, an excellent speed/current consumption ratio, and 3 MHz gain bandwidth, the low-power, zero-drift TSZ181H operational amplifier is available in space-saving packages. Able to operate over an extended temperature range of -40 to +150°C, this miniature, ultra-precision and low quiescent current op amp is an ideal choice for high-accuracy, high-bandwidth sensor interfaces in automotive environment.

High bandwidth Chopper Op Amps for automotive and industrial applications

我们的TSZ18系列5 V零漂移运算放大器具有极高的精度和稳定性(在25°C的温度下VIO不高于25 µV),是高精度、高带宽传感器接口的理想选择,具体应用包括生命体征监视器、血糖仪、工业传感器、工厂自动化和低侧电流检测等等。该产品分为单通道TSZ181(1.2mm x 1.3 mm DFN6封装)和双通道TSZ182(2mm x 2 mm DFN8封装)两个版本。


TSV7 series: excellent precision (200 µV), low-power (10 µA or 60 µA)

The TSV711, TSV712, TSV714, TSV731, TSV732, TSV734 series of single-, dual-, and quad-channel operational amplifiers offers low-voltage operation (1.5 to 5.5 V), rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, and an excellent accuracy (V IO lower than 200 μV at 25 °C). Housed in the smallest industrial packages, these low-power devices benefit from ST’s 5 V CMOS technology and offer an excellent speed/power consumption ratio associated with an ultra-low input bias current. These characteristics make the TSV7 series ideal for sensor interfaces and active filtering for battery-powered applications in the wearable, portable consumer, medical and industrial segments.

High bandwidth, low offset rail-to-rail Op Amps for Industrial and Automotive

Our new TSV791 and  TSV792 operational amplifiers offer a high gain-bandwidth product (GBW) of 50 MHz combined with excellent accuracy, which is provided by a maximum input voltage of 200 µV. This ensures high accuracy when amplifying small-amplitude input signals.


The TSV791 (single), TSV792 (dual) are also available in a SOT23-5 and Mini SO-8 package and can operate from 2.2 to 5.5 V in single supply. Fully specified on a 22 pF load and able to handle an output capacitor up to 1 nF, this Op Amps can also be used as an A/D converter input buffer.

Automotive grade version is also available both for TSV791 and TSV792.