High-side switches can safely drive high currents into complex (resistive, inductive and capacitive) grounded loads in compliance with the harsh automotive environment. This requires both a robust, low on-resistance power switch and accurate analog circuitry for diagnostic, protection and control functions.

ST’s VIPower® family consists of a set of automotive-qualified high-side switches covering the full load range in terms of type and rated power and includes state-of-the-art embedded control functions and a brand-new protection mechanism. This offer represents the ideal solution for car systems such as junction boxes, interior/exterior lighting and DC motor driving as well as every application inside and outside the transportation domain requiring a protected 12V battery line. 

VIPower Zero series drive Automotive Heating Systems

ST’s VIPower® Zero series offers innovative and high-performance protected switches for driving high-power loads.

This series covers today’s growing demand for intelligent high-side switches able to drive and protect high-power loads such as automotive heating systems including seat-heating, window defroster, cabin and steering heaters.

In addition to outstanding thermal performances in tiny and eco-friendly packages, this series is perfect for Start & Stop systems and other applications required to work at very low battery voltages (device option).

The VIPower Zero series is also suitable for high-current fan motors and protected battery lines in electrical power distribution systems.

Key features

  • Complete family of low on-resistance protected solutions
  • Output re-activation during reverse polarity
  • State-of-the-art and adaptable protection strategy
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Cold-cranking capability (device option)

Check this page out for further information about automotive heating systems.



VIPower® Zero系列

ST 推出了高侧开关的新家族,它具有超低导通电阻和扩展的电流感应,能与汽车完美结合,保护高功耗负载。 VIPower® Zero器件能有效地替换汽车应用中的机电继电器,如电气功耗分布系统中的高电流风扇电机、加热器和保护性电池线。

  • 低导通电阻保护解决方案
  • 反向极性期间输出重激活
  • 最先进的、可适配的保护策略
  • 先进的诊断能力
  • 冷启动能力(VN7003Axx)