该产品系列提供了各种特性组合,包括音频DSP、图形加速单元、TFT / 触摸屏接口、CAN接口、后视相机和智能手机显示复制接口。



Accordo2 dual core processor for car radio and display audio applications

Accordo2ST’s Accordo2 (STA1095 and variations) processor powers applications ranging from connected car radios to entry display audio systems.

The Accordo2 features a 600-MHz ARM® Cortex®R4 core to process all the needed functions of media management, connectivity and audio decoding.
It is coupled with a powerful DSP for supporting sound enhancement algorithms as well as Echo Noise Cancellation (ECNR) for Bluetooth hands-free phone calls.
It also features analog audio interfaces (inputs, outputs), suppressing the need for external audio codecs.

When the Real Time Operating System is used, applications do not need an external SDRAM to operate, further reducing total system costs (direct code execution “in place” from SQI NOR Flash).

For OEM implementations, Accordo2 devices also integrate a dedicated, isolated ARM® Cortex®M3 core to manage secure CAN connectivity in real time.

With this Accordo2 platform, ST also delivers and supports:

  • a media player
  • all audio decoder formats
  • a media library / metadata management engine
  • a library to control Apple® iPod® devices

The hardware compatibility among various versions of Accordo2 devices allows to use for the use of single scalable PCBs and consequently limit hardware investment costs.