SPC58 B 系列 MCU

The SPC58 B Line is a general-purpose 32-bit Power Architecture® MCU family targeting body, networking and convenience applications.

The B line offers the widest range of compatible and scalable devices from 512 Kbytes up to10 Mbytes of Flash memory, combined with the latest communication interfaces including ISO CAN FD and Ethernet with Audio Video Bridging (AVB) capability.

ST’s embedded 40 nm Flash technology allows to further reduce the power consumption in Run mode, while the advanced low-power modes manage even complex contact monitoring sequences in Standby mode and without CPU intervention.

The SPC58 B Line offers highly integrated, high-performance devices available in small packages including the eTQFP64 featuring eight ISO CAN FD modules, or the eTQFP100 with an Ethernet interface, as well as other higher pin count packages.

SPC582B MCUs are cost-effective entry-level devices that feature seven ISO CAN FD modules and are available in small packages. Designed in compliance with ISO 26262 specifications, they support the ASIL-B safety standard.

SPC584B MCUs offer the same features as SPC582B devices but have increased processing capability and enhanced security levels. Compliant with the EVITA protocol, these devices can be used for secure on-board communication systems in connected vehicles.