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SR5 E1 line of Stellar electrification MCUs, 32-bit Arm Cortex-M7 automotive MCU 2x cores, 2 MB Flash, rich analog, high-resolution timer, HSM, ASIL-D




The SR5E1x MCU family has been designed to meet the enhanced digital control and high-performance analog requested by the new wide band gap power technologies, silicon carbide and GAN, from power conversion applications such as on-board charger and DC/DC converters as well as advanced motor control like traction inverter applications.

SR5E1x also offers superior real-time and safe performance with highest ASIL-D capability, security cryptographic services (HSM) and high efficiency OTA reprogramming capability.

  • 所有功能

      • AEC-Q100 automotive qualification on going
      • SR5 high-performance analog MCUs offering:
        • Digital and analog high-frequency control requested by new wide-bandgap technologies (Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride)
        • Superior real-time and functional safety performance (ASIL-D capability)
        • Built-in fast and cost optimized OTA (over-the-air) reprogramming capability (with built-in dual image storage)
        • High-speed security cryptographic services (HSM)
    • Cores
      • 2x 32-bit Arm® Cortex®M7 with double-precision FPU, L1 cache and DSP instructions
        • Split-lock configuration, allowing either 2 cores in parallel or 1 core in lockstep configuration
      • 2 DMA engines in lockstep configuration
    • Memories
      • Up to 2 MB on-chip Flash memory with read while write support
        • 1920 KB code Flash memory split in two banks allowing 960 KB OTA reprogramming support
        • 160 KB HSM dedicated code Flash memory
      • 96 KB data Flash memory (64 KB + 32 KB dedicated to HSM)
      • 488 KB on-chip general-purpose SRAM:
        • 2x 32 KB instruction TCM + 2x 64 KB data TCM
        • 256 KB system RAM
        • 40 KB HSM dedicated system RAM
    • Security: hardware security module (HSM)
      • On-chip high-performance security module with dedicated RAM and Flash
      • Based on Cortex®M0+ core
      • Hardware accelerator for symmetric cryptography
    • Safety: comprehensive new generation ASIL-D safety concept
      • State of the art safety measures at all level of the architecture for most efficient implementation of ISO26262 ASIL-D functionalities
      • FCCU for collection and reaction to failure notifications with enhanced configurability
      • Memory error management unit (MEMU) for collection and reporting of error events in memories
      • Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) unit
    • Enhanced peripherals for fast control loop capability
      • 12 Timers:
        • 2x HRTIM (high-resolution and complex waveform builder)
        • 2x advanced control timers
        • 2x 32-bit + 4x 16-bit general purpose timers
        • 2x basic timers
      • Enhanced analog-to-digital converter system with:
        • 5 SAR analog converters
        • 2 sigma-delta analog converters
      • Digital-to-analog converters (DAC)
        • 2 buffered external channels
        • 8 unbuffered internal channels
      • 8 comparators
      • Hardware accelerator
        • 1x CORDIC for trigonometric functions acceleration
    • Communication interfaces
      • 4 modular controller area network (MCAN) modules, all supporting flexible data rate (ISO CAN-FD)
      • 3 UART modules with LIN functionality
      • 4 serial peripheral interface (SPI) modules, 2 multiplexed with I²S interfaces
      • 2 I²C modules
    • Advanced debug and trace for high-performance automotive application development
      • Built around Arm® CoreSightTM-600
      • Debug interface: Arm® CoreSightTM JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) or SWD
      • Embedded trace FIFO for both on- and off-chip tracing
      • Trace port for off-chip tracing: parallel trace port configurable from 1 to 8 data lines



STMicroelectronics - SR5E1E7

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