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StellarLINK device drivers

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The StellarLINK-DRV provides WinUSB drivers for the StellarLINK USB JTAG adapter along with a customized version of OpenOCD that supports SPC58x and Stellar E SR5x devices.

It includes OpenOCD scripts/configuration files for NVM programming and SVD files.

  • 所有功能

    • Provides 64-bit WinUSB drivers for Windows 10 and requires at least 10.0.18362 Windows 10 version 1903 (May 2019 update)
    • Customized OpenOCD version that supports SPC58x and Stellar E SR5x devices
    • Supports SPC58x discovery boards with integrated USB JTAG adapter
    • Integrates serial port connection via USB interface (virtual COM)
    • Provides OpenOCD script/config files for NVM programming (erase/program)
    • Provides SVD peripheral files for SPC58x and Stellar SR5x automotive MCU