作为功率因数校正电路(pfc)、车载电池充电器(obc)和电机驱动器的理想选择,意法半导体的汽车级SiC二极管经证实具有高浪涌能力(IFSM),从而保证了稳健性。虽然意法半导体推出的650 V功率肖特基SiC汽车级二极管的开关损耗可忽略不计,但我们全新系列的低VF SiC超出了预期,与最快的600 V超快硅二极管相比,其VF至少提高了150 mVF 。提供TO-220AC,DO-247和TO-247封装,均符合AEC-Q101规范,并支持PPAP(根据要求)。

额定电压为6至20 A的1200 V汽车级SiC二极管系列产品有望在今年年底上市,并提供各种封装版本。 

Performance comparison curve between 600 V Si, Ultrafast tandem and Si diodes

1200 V SiC automotive-grade diodes with the lowest forward voltage drop ever

The  new AEC-Q101 1200 V SiC diodes – 10-, 15- and 20-amp rated – are ideal for use in high-power applications such as charging stations, OBC, power supplies, and motor drives. Their surge capability for a 10 ms pulse is in the range of 7 times the diodes’ nominal current, and confers these 1200 V silicon-carbide diodes the state-of-the-art robustness. With a typical forward voltage drop (V F) of 1.35 V at nominal current and room temperature, they set the highest level/standard on the market. Available in D²PAK and TO-220AC packages, the  STPSC10H12-YSTPSC15H12-Y and  STPSC20H12-Y fulfill the automotive robustness and performance requirements.


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