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The ST SensNet is an application available for Android and iOS which allows visualization of data exported by a BLE gateway connected to a network of devices, such as, for example, in the STM32 ODE FP-NET-BLESTAR1 function pack deployment scenario.

The app connects to a star network master node and displays data sent by the slave nodes.

For each slave node in the network, the app shows a set of sensor data (e.g., temperature, pressure and humidity) measured by the slave and read by the master node.

For each node the user LED status is also displayed. From the app it is also possible to change the LED status, since the related command is forwarded to the correct node by the master node.

All data received by the app can be logged in CSV files end exported by e-mail.

  • 所有功能

    • Available on Android and iOS app stores
    • Possible connection to a star topology BLE network
    • Data visualization from remote sensors
    • Possible command transmission to a remote node (e.g., to change LED status)
    • Based on BlueST-SDK
    • Data logging support