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The SPC58-HSM-FW and the SPC5 Software Cryptography Library provides an exhaustive set of software algorithms and ready-to-use examples for symmetric and asymmetric Encryption/Decryption, message authentication and Random Number Generation. The SPC58 HSM Firmware is a SW product that can be ordered at ST sales office. The SPC5 Software Cryptographic Library is an SPC5Studio Eclipse plug-in, available for free download on www.st.com. The software library can run on the whole SPC5 microcontroller family. On SPC564B/EC MCU’s, AES-128 ECB/CBC Encryption/Decryption, CMAC Message Authentication, Keys access lock/unlock, secure Key loading/update and Random Number Generation are implemented by a hardware dedicated peripheral (CSE accelerator) to guarantee minimum CPU load and maximum security level (a complete set of software drivers are available as part of SPC5Studio suite www.st.com/spc5studio). SPC58 HSM Firmware exploits the embedded HSM co-processor supported and can run only in microcontroller with HSM.

  • 所有功能

    • SHE v1.1 specification and only for SPC58-HSM-FW extension for 20NVM user Keys for AES128, AES256, RSA, ECC, HASH and HMAC
    • AES-128, AES-256 bits. Supported modes are:
      • ECB (Electronic Codebook Mode)
      • CBC (Cipher-Block Chaining) with support for ciphertext stealing
      • GCM (Galois Counter Mode)
      • CMAC
    • AES256 HASH and HMCA support services (only available for SPC58-HSM-FW)
      • MD5
      • SHA-1
      • SHA-224
      • SHA-256
      • SHA-384
      • SHA-512
    • Elliptic Curve
    • RSA
      • PKCS#1 v1.5 1024
      • PKCS#1 v1.5 2048
      • PKCS#1 v1.5 3072
    • ECDSA
    • ECIES
      • NIST_P_256
      • NIST_P_384
      • NIST_P_521
      • BRAINPOOL_P256R1
      • BRAINPOOL_P384R1