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基于标准外设库的功能安全包,使用STM8获取IEC 60730 B类认证

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The IEC 60730 safety standard defines the test and diagnostic methods that ensure the safe operation of embedded control hardware and software for the household appliances that are under control of electronic programmable devices.

With its STM32-CLASSB-SPL Safety Design package based on robust built-in STM32 safety features, STMicroelectronics provides a comprehensive set of certified software libraries and documentation for manufacturers to significantly reduce the development efforts, time and cost to achieve the IEC 60730 European Class B safety certification for their applications based on STM32.

The STM32-CLASSB-SPL Safety Design package consists of a set of STL (Self-Test Libraries) and examples, based on the STM32 Standard Peripheral libraries and on the safety manual Guidelines for obtaining IEC 60335 Class B certification for any STM32 application Application Note (AN3307).

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    • Certified by VDE Germany
    • Available for STM32F0, STM32F1, and STM32F3 series
    • Derived packages are available for STM32F2, STM32F4, and STM32L1 series (not certified)
    • Partially optimized code
    • Based on STM32 Standard Peripheral libraries
    • CMSIS compliant