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基于STWBC2-HP的50 W双线圈无线充电发送器固件

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The STSW-50W2CWBC firmware runs on the STDES-50W2CWBC reference design.

The firmware controls the STWBC2-HP SoC to implement the Qi v1.2.4 compliant wireless charging transmitter. It can charge the Qi compliant wireless charging receivers in 5 W base power profile (BPP) mode and 15 W extended power profile (EPP) mode. The EPP topology is MP-A2.

Once working with the ST solution based wireless charging receiver, it supports up to 50 W in receiver output based on the ST super charging (STSC) protocol.

The reference design supports two Tx coils to extend the charging area. The firmware can automatically detect the wireless charging receiver existence in either of the two coils and perform charging. The two coils work alternatively.

The firmware supports most of the USB wall adapters. To evaluate the 50 W two-coil wireless charging, it is recommended to apply a USB-PD wall adapter that supports 5, 9, 12, 15, and 20 V PDO.

The STSW-50W2CWBC firmware is a basic reference for evaluation. Contact ST sales and distributors to get the updated firmware for various applications.

  • 所有功能

    • Implements Qi v1.2.4 compliant wireless charger transmitter protocol stack
    • Controls the synchronous boost DC-DC converter to supply the full bridge
    • Controls the full bridge to implement Qi compliant power transmission
    • Controls the USB wall-adapter including USB-PD 3.0
    • Implements the amplitude shift keying (ASK) demodulation
    • Implements the frequency shift keying (FSK) modulation
    • Controls the two coil switching and charging alternatively